who are the stiffs Lucky Stiffs play swingin smokey blues

The Lucky Stiffs featuring Nick Sharpe

Born and raised in Miami, Nick Sharpe came up on Albert King by way of Clapton and Hendrix in the '60s, learnin his licks by jammin' blues progressions for hours as a teen. Right out of high school, he started payin' his dues playing six nighters on the "Big Daddy's" circuit in the mid '70's. After trippin' through all kinds of bags, those Albert King licks came back to haunt his soul, this time by way of Stevie Ray. Like the hounds of hell, those haunting licks was chasin him down, so the Lucky Stiffs came together around '95 to help him along and they're still runnin to this day.

The Lucky Stiffs at
Martini Blues Nov. '01

Lucky Stiffs Martini Blues 11/01 Eric Hermann Nick Sharpe Charlie Diaz Tom Kowalczyk

Eric Hermann, drums, Nick Sharpe, Charlie Diaz, bass and TK, piano


Hidin' out in the alley at Patrick's II in San Diego

Tk, Johnny Haro, Nick Sharpe and Vince Bilbro

TK Boogie

The TK Boogie!

NickLion by Erin Griffin

Nick Sharpe, as seen through the eyes of "The Griffin" '96