What's Goin On

Lucky Stiffs play swingin smokey blues

Nick and The King of the Blues, BB King!

Ain't nuthin'  but the blues,  baby!

The Lucky Stiffs play swingin' post war blues classics, mixing up shuffles and boogies with a little funk and soul, like Nick's version of "Mustang Sally", guaranteed to get the house rockin' and boppin' for any occasion!

Long hair, short hair, 2 eyes or 4, well fed or not, Nick's blues is consistently real, soulful and uplifting (no matter what he looks like at the time!). Guaranteed!

Nick Sharpe and the Lucky Stiffs can be found at a "watering hole" near you. If you'd like to be notified by email when they're comin' 'round, send an email with "mailing list" in the subject line.

Y' wanna book the 'Stiffs for your club, party or event (private or corporate)? Send an email with "booking" in the subject line.

All other queries (like for CDs and related swag), comments, compliments or just to say "hey", go ahead and drop a line. Love to hear from ya!

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Lucky Stiffs Blues Jams

Featuring Nick Sharpe

Here's some folks havin a blow on a Lucky Stiffs Jam Nite at Smokin Johnnie's back in the day...

Nick Sharpe and Johnny Lang, spring '98

Nick Sharpe honkin' with Joe Houston

Girls of Patrick's II
the Girls of Patricks 2 in San Diego in the Gaslamp district
Bella y Maria!