Lucky Stiffs play swingin smokey blues
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This is HOW they do it!
See the Lucky Stiffs play! Right now! With the miracles of modern technology, have Nick and the boys jam some blues for you!

Screamin' Streamin' Video!
56k or CABLE/DSL
no waiting for long downloads with Real Player 8 Basic!
Enjoy the show!
approx. 3 minutes

HOW to contact the 'Stiffs

Nick Sharpe and the Lucky Stiffs can be found at a "watering hole" near you. If you'd like to be notified by email when they're comin' 'round, send an email with "mailing list" in the subject line.

Y' wanna book the 'Stiffs for your club, party or event (private or corporate)? Send an email with "booking" in the subject line.

All other queries (like for CDs and related swag), comments, compliments or just to say "hey", go ahead and drop a line. Love to hear from ya!

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HOW this website was thrown together

Nick Sharpe, the webmaster, uses Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Image Ready, Fetch (luv it!) and sometimes BBedit but mostly coded by hand with Simple Text (no fancy shmancy WYSIWYG here!). All this cooked up on a Blue and White G3 Mac 300 running Mac OS 8.6 with 512 meg ram.
Flash is comin' soon!

All original graphics and page layout design by Nick Sharpe (updated Sept 2002)

Screamin', streamin' video edited on a 660AV Mac (circa '92, like 25 Mhz and 32 megs ram) with Adobe Premier from seriously dark VHS copies of otherwise decent footage, then massaged and posted on the 'net with a very old free version of Real Producer (which is no longer free, but still works with all the latest Quick Time Codecs) by Nick Sharpe around May '98

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