Lucky Stiffs play swingin smokey blues
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The Lucky Stiffs connection to old BLUES, hot rods, choppers, Brit DJs and other weird stuff
the King of the Blues BB King

Albert King, where Jimi, Eric. SRV and more got their licks

Freddie King

The Blues Foundation

Blues World

Magic Sam

Magic Sam discography

Delta Blues Museum

Howlin Wolf

Robert Johnson -this OG bluesman sold his soul so we all have a free pass to Hell

Anne Savage = Hot Brit DJ

Tim Lawson = Spundae resident pumps it up

National Weather Service ('cause you never really know)

Von Dutch Kustom Cycles - built my sporty chop

BOP 35 Music - The other me

Memory Lane restore your ride!

The Official Ray Charles Website, featuring Joe Adams

Daytona Skullcap skid lids

Historic Racing Fiim Archives -Indy daytona, drags Monaco and more

Shure Ear buds all the better to hear you with, my dear

Old synths and other weirdness

Old Farmers Almanac - do you know what time it is?

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