Lucky Stiffs

Play Swingin Smokey Blues


Nick Sharpe sings and plays post war Blues favorites and the Lucky Stiffs swing it!

photo by Phil Willden  

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Now that's using the power of the internet to get your favorite Blues!

Nick sings BB, Albert, and Freddie King, Magic Sam, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Elmore James, Jack Bruce and other anomolies

Nothin but the blues!

Blues 4 Nick

Perm VM: 323-960-5655


Nick Sharpe

The recording that changed the world (mine anyway)

T Bone Shuffle  

featuring Nick Sharpe guitar and vocal with Lucky Stiffs
Dennis Goddard guitar, Bugsy Wilcox drums, Eric Ward Bass
produced by Dennis Goddard for ©1994 Bop 35 Music/BMI

Funky Biscuit Blues Jam

With Crusty Old Pros and Talented Amatuers

    from l - r
  • Bluesy NY Dan -Les Paul
  • Nick Sharpe- Vocals and Epiphone Sheraton
  • Dave Sherman on Bass
  • Piano Bob - Keys
  • Birthday Mark on Drums

Funky Biscuit Blues Jam Jan 18, 2016

Jamming with old pros and talented amatuers

    from l - r
  • Bluesy NY Dan -Les Paul
  • Leo B on real deal 335
  • Nick Sharpe- Vocals and Epiphone Sheraton
  • Dave Sherman(?) on Bass
  • Manon Roberts - Organ
  • Alon on Drums

I believe I was blackballed for playing Mustang Sally. Some folks can't take a joke...

From the Archives: Lucky Stiffs Promo 1998